Vapour phase soldering

Vapour phase soldering uses a liquid with a known - high - boling temperatue. When the lliquid boils, a layer of saturated gas forms around the PCB to be soldered. 

The gas condenses on the PCB, thus transfering heat from the gas to the solder material on the PCB.

Some of the advanteges of vapour phase soldering are:

  • No oxygen present, the saturated gas contains no oxygen
  • Overheating not likely, as the maximum temperature equals the boiling temperature of the liquid used.
  • Friendly to the environment, the liquids used contains no CFCs or other hazardous materials.

Specifications, vapour phase soldering

Machine type IBL 300
Minimum board size 300 * 350 * 80 mm
Minimum board size ?? mm
Maximum board weight ?? g
Solder temperature 230 ºC ± 0,5 ºC
Process time 5½ min

Selective soldering

Selective soldering is used - typically - after vapour phase soldering - to solder leaded components or components requiring special handling.

It works much like the old-fashioned wave soldering technique with one major differnece: The soldering wave is replaced by a moveable miniature nozzle which directs molten solder material to one specific solderingpoint at a time.

This miniature soldering fountain is surrounded by a shield of inert gas to keep oxygen at a low level.

Some of the advanteges of selective slodering are:

  • No oxygen present, the molten soldering metal is protected by a shield of inert gas.
  • Components which require more heat can be soldered without damaging other components.

Specifications, selective soldering

Machine type Pillarhouse Jade MKII
Minimum board size 457 * 508 mm
Minimum board size ?? mm
Maximum board weight ?? g
Temperature range x ºC - y ºC
Process time ? min
IBL 300 Vapour phase soldering machine
PCB leaving the vapour phase soldering machine
Pillarhouse Jade MKII selective soldering machine
Selective soældering - nozzle for flux and solder