Mycronic MY500

Mycronic MY500 solder paste printer replaces the conventional solder paste stencils.

It utilzes the gerber data for the specific PCB to generate a 'print-pattern', printing the correct amount of solder paste for every component on the PCB.

It means shorter turn-around times and smaller production costs by doing away with the need for a new stencil when the PCB layout is changed.

We are using AIM Metals & Alloys LP solder past type SAC305 86-T5

Datasheet solder paste


Maximum board size 508 * 508 mm
Minimum board size 70 * 50 mm
Board thickness 0,4 - 6 mm
Board clearance, top 3 mm
Board clearance, bottom 4 mm
Board clearance, sides 20 mm
Speed ~ 30.000 components/hour
Mycronic MY500 solder paste printer
Solder paste print head