Mycronic MY100 LXe

The Pick and Place machine uses a vacuum-needle to pick up individual components from a feeder. The components are then passed over a built-in camera which checks the correct allignment of the component.

The vacuum-needle places the componet in the sticky solder paste on the PCB.

The machine can handle components in a great variety of housings.


Maximum board size 443 * 508 mm
Minimum board size 50 * 70 mm
Board thickness 0,4 - 6 mm
Top side clearance 15 mm
Bottom side clearance 32 mm
Maximum board weight 5 kg
Maximum compnent size 56 * 56 mm
Minimum compnent size 0,4 * 0,2 mm
Maximum component height 15 mm
Maximum compnent weight 140 gr
Speed ~13.800 components/h
Mycronic MYDATA 100 LXe
Components on reels in a magazine